Statistical Analysis Using IBM SPSS Statistics (V25), 0G51AGCH

Days: 2
Language: fr
Price: CHF 1562

Introduction to statistical analysis Examine individual variables Test hypotheses about individual variables Test the relationship between categorical variables Test on the difference between two group means Test on differences between more than two group means Test the relationship between scale variables Predict a scale variable: Regression Introduction to Bayesian statistics Overview of multivariate procedures


This course provides an application-oriented introduction to the statistical component of IBM SPSS Statistics. Students will review several statistical techniques and discuss situations in which they would use each technique, how to set up the analysis, as well as how to interpret the results. This includes a broad range of techniques for exploring and summarizing data, as well as investigating and testing relationships. Students will gain an understanding of when and why to use these various techniques as well as how to apply them with confidence, interpret their output, and graphically display the results.

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